Q: Why mustn’t you buy a cheap   “CUSTOM MADE” prom dress or wedding dress, bridesmaids dress from an overseas internet site or an uk online-shop who does not have a brick and mortar shop.

A: Remember, you pay what you get, you will not get a quality celebrity dress for just under a hundred pound. Those fabulous dresses on the website were worn by professional models and may be processed by Photoshop as well.

You will also be charged for the import tax and VAT by UK Customs or your local delivery company when you receive your parcel.

Those overseas online sites who claim providing custom made dresses were very likely not your sizes. According to the statistics, over 90% of custom made dresses are not the perfect sizes for you.  You will then have to find the local dress makers who are willing to do the alterations for you and cost of alteration is not cheap. Please note all the sites will state custom-made items are not returnable, and there will be re-stock and postage fees charged for the items which are returnable.  Therefore in any cases, you will either ended up with the item of not what you wanted exactly and have the hassles to pay extra money to have it fixed in order to wear it or simply pay the  money for nothing if you are able to return the item.

Be aware, sometimes you may see many good reviews on the order sites, please note it can be created by web admin staff, the actual bad reviews can be deleted by staff at back office as well.


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